Couples And Family Counseling

Couples Counseling


Couples therapy is designed to work through areas of conflict and/or to work on aspects of your relationship you would like to change. Working with a therapist in a safe and confidential setting enables you to explore how your individual background, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and behaviors may be affecting your relationship in both positive and negative ways.​

There are multiple stressors that affect couples. Some reasons to seek out therapy may include:

  • Work stress affecting time together
  • Money stressors
  • Differences and/or difficulties in child rearing
  • Children growing and leaving the house
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Loss of togetherness leading to the feeling of living separate lives
  • Infidelity
  • Grief and loss due to a crisis

Couples therapy can help you focus on and strengthen the relationship so you can face life stressors together as a supportive, happy and healthy couple.

What can I expect from couples counseling?

Please read through this helpful article from The Couples Institute before your first session to get the most out of your couples work. 


Man and woman embracing at sunset.
Man and woman embracing at sunset.

Family Counseling

 Family Therapy Family therapy is designed to improve the communication and relationships within the family unit. In families sometimes conflicts arise, effective communication becomes difficult, family relationships struggle and the family can become fragmented.  Some reasons to seek out family therapy may include:  

  • As family members have grown and become more individualized, communication has become increasingly difficult
  • A family crisis has occurred which has put a strain on the family and communication has broken down  
  • The family as a unit is dealing with grief and loss  
  • A divorce has changed the family dynamics  
  • A new step-parent has been introduced into the family unit  

The goal of family therapy is to learn to communicate effectively, honestly and respectfully with one another to enable you to provide support to each other and become a cohesive, happy, healthy and loving family unit.  The Process  Assessment When you come in for the first time, I will conduct an assessment where I will ask each of you some questions to gain an understanding of your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, coping strategies and personal strengths. We will discuss your family life both past and present, together and separate, explore why you are seeking therapy and discuss what your individual as well as your collective goals are for therapy.  Schedule Together we will identify a frequency and schedule for our meetings. This will largely depend on your availability and your goals.  Treatment Plan In the next couple of sessions as we all get to know one another and further explore your goals, we will work together to create an individualized treatment plan that will identify your collective goals and our action plan to reach your goals