Houston Sports Counseling


Athletics is a wonderful outlet for young people! However, as they begin to enter adolescence internal and external pressures can turn a healthy outlet into a physical emotional stress inducer. Mental health is an important part of athletic performance and an important part of day to day life. Relationships, injury, performance, and external expectations can all put a strain on the mind of the young athlete - this stress can not only impact athletic performance but also school and other aspects of the athlete’s life. Fortunately, an experienced counselor with experience in athletics can provide guidance and technique that will help keep the adolescent athlete performing well and at peak mental health on and off the field.

Some areas of focus for athletes:

·  Dealing with the emotions that come with injury

·  Playing beyond club and high school

·  Getting recruited and performance stress

·  Coping skills for struggles

·  Visualization to decrease stress and increase performance

·  Balancing academics and sports

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