Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

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Who Goes to Therapy?

  • Anyone struggling with a issue that is acting as a barrier to being successful and reaching your goals
  • Anyone who has something difficult to discuss or process
  • Anyone who needs help learning skills to deal with conflict in relationships

What Can Therapy Do For Me?

​Therapy is about helping you become the person you were created to be. A trained therapist is someone who can come alongside you in a therapeutic alliance and help you to achieve the things you have been struggling to achieve on your own. Practically speaking, therapy can help you to

  • Decrease feelings of sadness or anxiety
  • ​Increase coping strategies
  • ​Increase communication and negotiation skills
  • ​Increase self awareness
  • Increase awareness of strengths
  • Process difficult situations like grief and loss ​or the experience of a traumatic event
  • ​Deal with family and childhood issues
  • Manage anger​
  • Learn to be assertive
  • ​Learn to recover from eating disorders, eat intuitively or deal with a poor body image

Does therapy work? 

Studies indicate that people treated through therapy are better off than 80% of people with similar levels of problems who do not receive therapy. Consumer Reports reviewed the effectiveness of therapy by analyzing surveys from 2,125 respondents who visited a mental health professional for depression or anxiety. Respondents reported a 70% improvement in emotional functioning after 1-6 sessions and almost an 80% improvement after 13 or more sessions. 

How much does counseling cost? 

$160 for a 50 minute session, $190 for a 90 minute individual or couples session, and $200 for a 90 minute family session. Longer sessions are available as needed. 

If you have out-of-network benefits with your insurance, I can provide you with an invoice which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

How long does counseling last? 

The counseling session lasts 50 minutes, or 90 minutes for a double session. Double sessions are especially helpful for couples at the beginning of therapy to reduce stress and tension quickly. Most clients prefer to come in weekly when their concerns are acute. However, appointments may be scheduled less frequently as needed. Nancy believes in having solutions oriented therapy sessions that are focused on your goals. It is important to realize that therapy can take some work on your part, and a bit of patience, but it does not have to be a process that takes a long time. It is a myth that therapy must last several months or years to be effective. Therapy does work, and clients often see some improvement within the first few sessions. 

What if I can’t make my counseling appointment or if I need to cancel? 

We have a limited number of session available during each day. When you schedule, we reserve that spot for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you fail to give 24 hours notice, you are responsible for the full session fee. If you do give at least 24 hours notice, we would be happy to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Are you ready to stop feeling anxious about your life and start feeling good again? 

If so, please contact Nancy to schedule an appointment. Not sure if she can help you? Call Nancy at 713-591-3612 and you can get a free confidential 10 minute phone consultation to discuss how she might help you with your concerns.

Quote about being transformed with a group of people sitting in the grass with toes and hands stretched toward one another.

Quote about being transformed with a group of people sitting in the grass with toes and hands stretched toward one another.